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A spectacular view of the Japanese Alps

The natural hot springs in Yudanaka area flow geothemally heated spring water in volcanic region of Mt. Shirane, the volcano; one of the popular attractions just an hour away from the hotel.

Water temperature is between 40℃-43℃ (104F-110F)varying by season and by weather.



Baths available from 2pm to 10am next day.
No private use.

Japanese hot springs are enjoyed naked. Please refrain
from using bathing suits.

Medical Benefits The minerals in the water have positive therapeutic effects on neuralgia, muscular pain, arthritic pain, sprain、frozen shoulder pain, chronic digestive organs disease, hemorrhoid cold character, convalescence of diseases, Tiredness recovery and health enhancement.



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We offer a great scenery of local Yudanaka, a number of apple farms by Yomase River, and the Japanese Alps.
Our outdoor bathtubs are made from Hinoki, the Japanese cypress, and Shigarakiyakai, the Japanese ceramic.

Draft beer and sour cocktails are available by order.
Equipment: CD⁄MD player (Enjoy Tsubakino selection CDs) and Mini-bar (beer, mineral water, and sparkling wines)

:Available at 2,000yen (excluding tax) for 50 minutes between 1pm to 10pm.
 *a package plan with complimentary usage of Private Bath is also available.
:Advance reservation required. Please advise us upon arrival.
:Please refrain from using shampoos and soaps in Private Outdoor Baths.


Dishes that make use of the best earth blessed ingredients.


Our Dinner plans feature officially licensed Shinshu wagyu beef, one of the best beef in Japan, together with fresh local vegetables.
Dinner will be served by our kimono-dressed staffs.

Our menu is a fusion cuisine of Japanese, Chinese and Western food.
The menu would be changed bimonthly, to offer you the best local food in season.
Dessert is a soy parfait with homemade ice cream, which is very popular among our guests!

Mini-Sukiyaki set menu ¥3,000

Mini-“Sukiyaki”served with steamed rice, miso-soup, fresh salad, and seasonal fruit.

*“Sukiyaki” is a one-pot meal. Thinly sliced Japanese beef simmered in skillet with sweetened soy sauce, tofu, vegetables, and shirataki noodles (made from yam cakes) eaten with a raw egg dip.

Additional “Sukiyaki”beef is available at \1,500 (approximately 1/4 lb)

Mini-Sukiyaki set menu

Dinner plan A

Dinner plan A  (Roasted sliced prime rib of Shinshu wagyu beef)¥6,000

Dinner plan B

Dinner plan B  (Stone roasting tenderloin of Shinshu wagyu beef)¥9,000

Dinner plan C

Dinner plan C (Thin sliced sirloin of Shinshu wagyu beef served“Sukiyaki”style.)¥9,000

*Above price excluding tax (price per person)
*Dinner reservation requires to be made until 3pm on the day your arrival.Please contact our reception staff.
Reservation Dinner reservations need to be made until 3pm on the day you arrive.
Breakfast time am7:00 - am9:00
Other ・ Our menu is a mix of Japanese, Chinese and Western food.
・ The menu changes every two months to offer you the best
 seasonal food.
・ Our dessert is parfait with home-made ice cream. Popular.
・ Changing from Japanese food to Western food is not possible
 for dinner. It's ok for Breakfast.
・ Vegetarian menu is also available by advance request.

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Booking half board with private outdoor bath in advance

Reservation Telephone +81-269-33-3508


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